Fleeting and Forever...

September 15, 2014... We celebrated our 30th anniversary. Just a quiet, romantic day... with our four youngest kids surrounding us with their melodious, mischievous chorus. We spent the day at two of our favorite places, Beaver Tail Lighthouse, and Galilee, RI. We explored We laughed. We dined at Goerge's Restaurant.  And... we once again traced a heart in the sand where the sea meets the sand.

These works of art along the shore are great reminders of our lives. So beautiful. So precious. So fleeting. Yet.... forever a part of the story of all that has happened in the magical, wondrous place.

Like the sand, we make ourselves vulnerable for others to carve their love into us. Like the sea, we wash away and heal. We remain somewhere in the changing tides and seasons. We may never be seen or remembered, but that love transcends and travels and endless journey amidst the storms and summer suns.

A Rainy Day to Remember...

It was my 50th Birthday! Fortunately, that fell on Mike's day off. The girls had a week of training for martial arts, and Caleb wasn't up for a rainy day roadtrip. So, Jacob our youngest, journied out with us, despite the fact that he knew mom's idea of adventure included visiting graveyards and stopping to take A LOT of pictures. It was a day I'll never forget. I was determined that 50 would be a year of celebration. I was going to try at least 50 new things, as well as face fears, break through comfort zones, and just live fully. We did find an amazing historic cemetery in North Kingstown. And we loved revisiting some favorite places through nature's fog lens. It was a mystical, magical day.

This photo was taken just as we finished facing one of my fears. I have had a recurring dream for many years of driving along a causeway, with low water on each side. As I continue to travel, I turn back, and find myself totally surrounded by an ever increasing sea. This particular day, it was raining heavy, and the causeway from Galilee to Jerusalem was all but level with the water. We drove along, in awe of the ocean, the boats, the sky, the birds, the history... We laughed and soaked in every moment. As we drove back into Galilee, the boats looked like they each had a million stories of their own to tell as they hunkered down along the pier.  Mike took this shot.

From there, we got clam cakes and chowder, and sat in the van, chatting with our little guy about all of our childhood memories with our families and friends at the beach. He either loved, or pretended to love, all of it.